More quality to the roof
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    Guttering elbows, collars and flashing units

    Plumbing and construction components for making gutters and storm water conveyance systems

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    Skylights that open for roofs and mansards

    The best solutions to light mansards and attics

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    When rain is not just a game

    We have been making high quality plumbing and construction components since 1974, taking the utmost care for details

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Plumbing and construction components


CLC of Vicenza manufactures plumbing fittings for the construction and installation of guttering and storm water conveyance systems in construction, as well as roofing.

Our products

C.L.C. plumbing and construction components are distinguished by the quality of materials and attention to detail. The catalogue includes elbows, collars, skylights, flashing, and a wide range of accessories.

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