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Guttering elbows

The guttering elbows connect pipework, allowing for changes of direction. The connection point is the key part of the guttering as it is more sensitive to leakage or detaching. The quality of the workmanship avoids such problems.

CLC offers a wide range of materials for its products and, upon request, will evaluate the manufacture of new variants.

Circular elbows with side crimping

gomiti-pluviali-Circolari Aggr. Laterale

CLC of Malo, in Italy’s Province of Vicenza, has designed a new kind of gutter elbow with side crimping, instead of the more common crimping in the central part of the connection.

The Vicenza-based company has come up with this particular crimping system to improve the passage of water. The free-flowing water does not exert excessive and prolonged pressure on the joint, thus eliminating the problem linked to the risk of water leakage through the crimping, as well as eliminating the problem of water stagnation in sections of the crimping that colder months may freeze, leading to damage and failure of the structure. In addition, the lateral crimping system makes for a more aesthetically pleasing gutter elbow, with the surface appearing completely smooth.

CLC  offers many kind of items with different raw material, but values request of other production with different solution.

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