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Circular elbows with side crimping

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CLC of Malo, in Italy’s Province of Vicenza, has designed a new kind of gutter elbow with side crimping, instead of the more common crimping in the central part of the connection.

The Vicenza-based company has come up with this particular crimping system to improve the passage of water. The free-flowing water does not exert excessive and prolonged pressure on the joint, thus eliminating the problem linked to the risk of water leakage through the crimping, as well as eliminating the problem of water stagnation in sections of the crimping that colder months may freeze, leading to damage and failure of the structure. In addition, the lateral crimping system makes for a more aesthetically pleasing gutter elbow, with the surface appearing completely smooth.

CLC  offers many kind of items with different raw material, but values request of other production with different solution.

Roofing components and accessories

Roofing components and accessories: you just have to choose

Roofing components and accessoriesThe roofing components and accessories available on the market are not always efficient or of high quality. Consequently, choosing the best roofing components as well as other products such as elbows, collars, skylights and flashing units is not easy. The market’s offerings are wide but the quality of the components is very varied.

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The following is a view of the best roofing components and accessories 100% made in Italy, characterized by durability and friendly use. In general, the number of roofing accessories available in the European and Italian market is really impressive. A few of the principal products of this category that we should mention include supports, tie beams, fittings, bends, offsets, collars, covers, downspouts and endcaps, spouts, sprinklers, joints and funnels.

Flashing units for construction

Let’s look at the best flashing units for construction and plumbing components available on the market

Flashing units for constructionIn the production of plumbing and construction components, the quality of the construction materials and the technological innovations make the difference for accessories such as elbows, collars, skylights, flashing units for construction and many others. In particular, the best flashing units stand apart for their durability and reliability.

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There are a number of different flashing units for the building sector. They have an essential role to protect chimneys and flues as they must be able to drain rainwater away efficiently. According to the specific needs of the customer, closed flashing units for tiles can be fitted with lead crimped weathering 6/10.

Roof skylights

Now you can have light in every room with roof skylights

Roof skylightsThe roof skylights are the ideal solution to illuminate the areas under the roof used as an attic or rooms that are too poorly lit. Furthermore, a number of appliances are installed on the roof and they need a periodic check, including solar panels, photovoltaic plants and TV antennas.

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Made in several sizes to meet all needs, the roof skylights must be watertight, prevent water infiltration and be resistant enough to face any weather conditions such as snow or hail. Furthermore, skylights must ensure proper ventilation and consequently they need efficient and adjustable opening systems to allow for proper air exchange according to the season.

Plumbing and construction components

Plumbing and construction components: the complete range of construction components

Plumbing and construction componentsThe covering of roofs and storm water conveyance systems have a primary role in the building and building renovation sectors. That is why it is essential that greatly performing and qualitative products are used in the construction of a building.

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Therefore, when roofs, gutters and storm water conveyance systems are made, it is essential to carefully select the plumbing and construction components so as not to take any unnecessary risks or compromise the entire job. In particular, there are accessories and products of different types that go beyond the traditional storm water conveyance systems or gutters: indeed, there is a number of accessories designed to solve the typical problems of a building.

Pipe clip collars

Pipe clip collars with a washer or a bolt: the characteristics

Pipe clip collarsA number of important items, such as the pipe clip collars, is included in the plumbing components used in the companies of the field. In order to ensure the greatest performance, the collars must be long-lasting, reliable and safe.

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There are various types of collars, but the most important are divided into two categories: those fitted with a washer and those fitted with a bolt. The collars fitted with a brass bolt have a lateral thread.

These pipe clip collars offer a good value for the money and have a high performance.

Round guttering elbows

Discovering the round guttering elbows: a short guide

Round guttering elbowsThe vast sector of plumbing and construction components manufactures and launches a large number of items in the market, such as round guttering elbows, collars, skylights and flashing units. Despite that, only the best products are long-lasting, easy to use and completely made in Italy.

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In particular, the round guttering elbows are essential in connecting pipes and changing the direction of water flows. The union point is indeed a critical point as it is subject to leakage and detachments. Only the best quality guttering elbows keep a high standard and performance and perfectly fit the pipe.


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