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Skylights for vertical and horizontal roofs

CLC produces quality components for plumbing and construction.

The company is known for the reliability of its products, the result of high specialisation, technological innovation and continuous investment.

When installing a skylight, it is necessary to prevent water infiltration and stagnation, which produce all kinds of problems over time, such as leaks, moisture, and degradation of the materials, increasing maintenance costs for the skylight itself as well as the roof and attic space.

To ensure our products guarantee optimum performance and eliminate all factors that cause infiltration of rainwater, CLC of Vicenza has created a manufacturing standard for skylights that involves fabricating the entire structure from a single sheet of stainless steel, which is then submitted to different processes of pressing and bending to create of the final body. CLC’s metal skylights have no seams or welds, a feature that makes them more durable and eliminates any gaps through which leaks may occur.

The different models of skylights built by CLC are adaptable to any type of roof, be they flat-tiled, pitcher tiled, Portuguese tiled, or Marseille tiled. Our solutions include Sirio, Standard, Universale, as well as versions with body and/or lateral bands made from 6/10 pleated lead.

Our large skylights (vertical and horizontal), are assembled; in this case the crimping of the outer coating ensures total waterproofing.

Universal skylight

Lucernario universale

The name of this skylight immediately identifies its intended purpose: i.e. for any type of coverage on the roof, except those with plain tiles. Its structure, with 6/10 pleated lead lateral bands, make it easily adaptable to any tile, except for flat tiles.


Sirio skylight

Lucernario SirioSkylight Sirio is not a simple skylight, but the result of a careful work done by C.L.C. to create a product that can satisfy the natural light requirements of attic living spaces, reducing construction costs as much as possible without, however, neglecting the quality of materials used, which ensures maximum durability.

The opening arms are made of painted sheet steel.



Sirio dark brown aluminium skylight

Lucernario Sirio Alluminio Testa di MoroFollowing the entry into force of the DGR no. 27744 of 22/09/2009, we are pleased to present the new Sirio skylight with the following measurements, exceeding ½ square metre:

Outer perimeter of frame: mm. 740×800 in Dark Brown Aluminium, available with insulated and tempered glass and pleated aluminium.

Possible opening: normal or folding.

Light aperture mm. 710×765

Overall external size mm. 1000×1130 h.160


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