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Sirio skylight

Lucernario SirioSkylight Sirio is not a simple skylight, but the result of a careful work done by C.L.C. to create a product that can satisfy the natural light requirements of attic living spaces, reducing construction costs as much as possible without, however, neglecting the quality of materials used, which ensures maximum durability.

The opening arms are made of painted sheet steel.



  • crimped exterior, with dark brown pre-painted coating, or 6/10 thick copper
  • Pleated lead flashing to allow fitting of skylight to all kinds of roof
  • The frame and the interior sash are made of wood and the glazing provides thermal and acoustic insulation
  • The rubber seal applied on the inner frame ensures hermetic closing of skylight.

Available with insulating glazing, shatterproof insulating glazing, and tempered glazing.

Materials: copper, pre-painted in dark brown

Window hole sizes: cm 56×62; 56×98

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