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Circular elbows with side crimping

gomiti-pluviali-Circolari Aggr. Laterale

CLC of Malo, in Italy’s Province of Vicenza, has designed a new kind of gutter elbow with side crimping, instead of the more common crimping in the central part of the connection.

The Vicenza-based company has come up with this particular crimping system to improve the passage of water. The free-flowing water does not exert excessive and prolonged pressure on the joint, thus eliminating the problem linked to the risk of water leakage through the crimping, as well as eliminating the problem of water stagnation in sections of the crimping that colder months may freeze, leading to damage and failure of the structure. In addition, the lateral crimping system makes for a more aesthetically pleasing gutter elbow, with the surface appearing completely smooth.

CLC  offers many kind of items with different raw material, but values request of other production with different solution.

Universal skylight

Lucernario universale

The name of this skylight immediately identifies its intended purpose: i.e. for any type of coverage on the roof, except those with plain tiles. Its structure, with 6/10 pleated lead lateral bands, make it easily adaptable to any tile, except for flat tiles.


Sirio skylight

Lucernario SirioSkylight Sirio is not a simple skylight, but the result of a careful work done by C.L.C. to create a product that can satisfy the natural light requirements of attic living spaces, reducing construction costs as much as possible without, however, neglecting the quality of materials used, which ensures maximum durability.

The opening arms are made of painted sheet steel.



Sirio dark brown aluminium skylight

Lucernario Sirio Alluminio Testa di MoroFollowing the entry into force of the DGR no. 27744 of 22/09/2009, we are pleased to present the new Sirio skylight with the following measurements, exceeding ½ square metre:

Outer perimeter of frame: mm. 740×800 in Dark Brown Aluminium, available with insulated and tempered glass and pleated aluminium.

Possible opening: normal or folding.

Light aperture mm. 710×765

Overall external size mm. 1000×1130 h.160


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